Robotis Compatilibity

Which controller should I use when using Dynamixels [Link]?

Controller / Motor AX RX MX (TTL) MX (485) XL-320 PRO
CM-5 O O
CM-510 / 530 O O
CM-700 O O O O
OpenCM9.04 O O *
OpenCM9.04 +
Expansion Board
O O O O * O

* Different from the standard 3P connectors on AX/MX. Please use OpenCM9.04-C [Link] board.
Robot Cable 3P [Link] for TTL
Robot Cable 4P [Link] for RS485
Robot Cable 3P-XL [Link] for XL

Which connector do I use with the Dynamixels [Link]?
dynamixel connectors

Which board has what functionalities and sensor/motor compatibility?

function CM-100A CM-150 CM-200 CM-5 CM-510 CM-530 CM-700 CM-900 OpenCM9.04
Robo Plus
USB Downloader (LN-101)
Bioloid Serial Cable
Mini USB Cable
Micro USB Cable(Type B)
Dynamixel AX-Series
Dynamixel DX-Series
Dynamixel RX-Series
Dynamixel EX-Series
Dynamixel MX-Series_TTL
Dynamixel MX-Series_RS485
IR Sensor
Touch Sensor
Distance Measurement Sensor
IR Sensor Array
Gyro Sensor
Color Sensor
Magnetis Sensor
Motion Detection Sensor
temperature Sensor
Servo Motor
Geared Motor
High speed Geared Motor
Low speed Geared Motor
LED Module
IR Receiver
LI-ion Battery LBS-040
LIPO 11.1V Battery
NIMH 9.6V Battery Pack
OllO Battery BOX OBB-10A
Battery BOX ABB-030
LittleFuse 125V 10A LFU-10
Fuse 250V 5A FU-5
User Device

Which Horn/Bearing/Frame is compatible with which Dynamixel?

Category Product Name DX-117 RX-10 RX-24F RX-28 RX-28 RX-64 RX-64 EX-106+ MX-28T MX-64T MX-106T
Discont. Discont. N101 N101 N1 N1 N101 Discont. MX-28R MX-64R MX-106R
Discont. HN01-N1 O
HN05-I1 O
Horn Bearing HN05-I101 O O O O
HN05-N1 O O
Discont. HN05-N101 O O
Horn Bearing HN05-N102 O O O O
HN05-T1 O O
HN05-T101 O O
HN07-I1 O O
HN07-I101 O O O O
HN07-N1 O O
HN07-N101 O O O O
HN07-T1 O O
Frame FR01-B1 O
FR01-H1 O
FR01-S1 O
FR05-B1 O
FR05-B101K O O
FR05-F101K O O O O
FR05-H1 O
FR05-H101 O O
FR05-H101K O O
FR05-S1 O O
FR05-S101 O O O O
FR05-S101K O O O O
FR05-S2 O
FR05-X101K O O O
FR07-B1 O O
FR07-B101K O O O O
FR07-B1K [Unavailable] O O
FR07-F101K O O O O
FR07-G101GM O O O O
FR07-H1 O O
FR07-H101 O O O O
FR07-H101K O O O O
FR07-S1 O O
FR07-S101 O O O O
FR07-S101K O O O O
FR07-X101K O O O O O
FR08-B101K O O
FR08-D101K O O
FR08-H101 O O
FR08-H101K O O
FR08-H110 O O
FR08-H110K O O
FR08-X101K O O



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