The MKII Robotic Claw [Product Link] by DAGU [Link] comes pre-assembled and is the classic claw- heavy duty and made from metal.


MKII Robotic Claw by DAGU
MKII Robotic Claw by DAGU
  • Brass sleeves in joints
  • Can pick up heavy objects
  • Spring-loaded clutch
  • 2:1 gearing
  • Light weight servo motor


The brass sleeves in joints make them rigid and hence are less likely to come loose. The weight of objects that the claw can pick up depends on the servo motor used.

The spring-loaded clutch of the claw helps protect servo gear train while providing spring tension for gripping objects while the 2:1 gearing increases gripping torque while utilizing the full 180° travel of the servo.

The mounting plate on the bottom accepts standard spacing found on servo mounts.

The 20 gram DGServo S05NF STD servo motor, included with this claw, has metal gears, and a stall torque of 2.8kg*cm at 4.8V and 3.2kg*cm at 6V. It also has a speed of 0.2sec/60° at 4.8V and 0.18sec/60° at 6V

If your gripper does not close properly then you may need to take the pinion gear back
out and rotate it by one tooth. Check out the Assembly instructions on how to do this properly.


Assembly instructions and Code for MKII [PDF Link]

MKII Robotic Claw [Video Link]

Possible Application Areas

This claw can be used in applications where a mobile robot is required to carry objects from one place to another, commonly known as pick-and-place applications.

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