Laser Head


The Laser Head Module [Product Link] can be used in a variety of applications to detect motion.


Laser Head Module
Laser Head Module
  • Dot laser
  • Power: 5mW
  • Wavelength: 650nm (Red)
  • Operating Voltage: 2-5V


This 5V laser pointer head is very easy to use with any Arduino board. It can be used with the LDR Sensor Module [Product Link] for application of home security, motion detection, and as a trigger for an event.

There are 3 pins on the module, out of which only 2 are used. The S pin is the signal or Vcc pin, if connecting to Arduino, this should be conncted to a digital out pin, or to control the module from a battery with a switch, it can be connected to +5V.

You have been warned not to point and shine the laser in other people’s eyes and to use this module carefully.

// Code by Jasmeet Singh for
void setup ()
pinMode (13, OUTPUT); // Connect to pin 'S'

void loop ()
digitalWrite (13, HIGH); // turn laser ON
delay (1000); // delay one second
digitalWrite (13, LOW); // turn laser OFF
delay (1000); // delay one second

Possible Application Areas

1. Motion Detection Security [Link] [Similar project implemented by Ganeev Singh] [Video Link – Ganeev Singh – Module from]
2. Use this module, along with a Pan Tilt Kit [Product Link], and drive your cat crazy, all day! 😛

Did you create a project using this product? Leave details/links below!


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  • You have connected only one ulrsatonic sensors with 4 motors , the problem comes when you take input from two or more sensors to drive your motor.As in my case,you cannot run two milis() function in the same sketch.So, two sensors cannot give their individual distances to the microcontroller.

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