Infrared Sensor


The Infrared Sensor Module [Product Link] is a high quality IR sensor module that has been tested to work very well up to 60cm.


IR Sensor
IR Sensor Module
  • Object Detection upto 60cm.
  • 2 potentiometers for adjusting sensitivity.
  • Output indicator LED.
  • Digital Output (5V TTL)


This sensor has 3 pins- Vcc (+5V), DO (Digital Output), GND.

Since this sensor only has a digital output, it is better for object detection. We are currently performing tests on making it better for line detection also.

This sensor has 2 potentiometers a 1K ohm, and 100 ohm for rough tuning and fine tuning the sensitivity threshold. According to our tests, when the 100 ohm potentiometer is at its zeroth position and the 1K ohm potentiometer is rotated clockwise to its 1/4th, 1/2 and max position the following data is received:

Position Distance
1/4th of max 60 cm
1/2 of max 30 cm
max 20 cm

The distance column shows that a white colored object could be detected at approximately this distance. When the 100ohm potentiometer was rotated clockwise to its 1/4th, 1/2 and 3/4th of max position, keeping the 1K ohm potentiometer constant, the distance values decreased.

// Code by Jasmeet Singh for
int Dpin0=5;

void setup()
pinMode(Dpin0, INPUT);

void loop()
Serial.print("D0 Value:");

Possible Application Areas

1. Object Detecting Robot [Link]

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