Haptic Feedback


The Haptic Feedback Vibration Motor [Product Link] is ideal for robots like Bristle-Bots and wearable-electronic applications.

Technical Specs

Haptic Feedback Vibration Motor
Haptic Feedback Vibration Motor
  • Operating Voltage: 1.5-6V
  • Diameter: 10mm
  • Height: 4mm approx


The vibration of these motors causes the robot to move. This motor runs on voltages anywhere between 1.5V to 6V, but ideally should be run in the 1.5-3V range. Using voltages around 6V increases the chances of the motor burning out soon.

This motor can also be used in wearable electronics where feedback is needed on a particular part of body. A vibration motor placed on that part of the body can be used to indicate an event.

Possible Application Areas

Some of the applications of this robot are:
1. Bristle-Bots – by attaching this motor along with a 1.5V button cell, using double-sided tape, at the back side of the bristle end of a toothbrush, you can create a bristle bot that moves pretty fast.
2. Wearable Electronics – by attaching one or more of these motors to different parts of clothing, the vibration of these motors can be used to indicate an event or emergency situation. For example: Acoustic Wayfinder (Sonar Navigation) Project by Bruce Land’s Students [Project Link] [Video Link].

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