Submersible Pump


The DC Plastic Submersible Pump [Product Link] is ideal for most applications involving transport of water from one vessel to another specially from a lower level to a higher level.

Technical Specs

DC Plastic Submersible Pump
DC Plastic Submersible Pump
  • Operating Voltage: 6-12V
  • Length: 50mm
  • Width: 45mm
  • Height: 55mm
  • Approximately 120LPH flow rate


A quality submersible pump that operates on voltages anywhere from 3V to 12V, the ideal voltage range being 6-8V. The body of the pump is completely sealed so as to not let any water in through the cracks, even near the wire opening. But as an extra security measure, it is generally suggested to seal off the wire opening area of the pump using some Hot Melt Glue Gun [Product Link]. The connector end of the wire should be kept out of water. There are 2 openings on the pump, one on the side and one facing upwards. The side opening is the inlet, while the latter is the outlet. From our experiments, it was observed that this pump can throw water as high as 15cm even at 5V.

For use, put this pump in a water container so that the water level is at least above the top of the inlet opening. There’s no need of covering the inlet opening. Attach a pipe of diameter 5.5-6.5mm [Product Link] to the outlet, for a leak proof connection, and put the other end of the pipe to where ever you want to guide the water, which could be a nozzle at the end of the pipe to spray the water, or a solenoid valve that manages the flow of the water, or directly to the source.

Ideally the pump should have its own power source. If used with a solenoid valve, make sure to turn the pump off when the flow of the water is stopped by the valve.

Possible Application Areas

Some of the applications of this product are:
1. Self Watering Plant [Link].
2. Fire-Fighting/Water-Spraying Robot [Link].

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